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I'm Aaron, and after over a decade of work, my team and
I created Align Therapy to help the world get their body back.
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Ultimate Self-Care Kit

The Align Therapy™ “Ultimate Self-Care Kit” is all
you will ever need to maintain strong, flexible and
well-hydrated tissue for as long as you have a body.

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ALIGN and integrate the relationships of the body so the entire system is a smoothly functioning coordinated whole.

physical therapy

Functional movement is paramount in developing strength, flexibility and recovery.

self-care kit

All you will ever need to maintain strong, flexible and well-hydrated tissue for as long as you have a body.


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What Others Are Saying

Gerry Lopez

How often we take for granted the way we stand and how we walk. Yet these simple, everyday acts have drastic effects when done improperly. Bad posture and poor carriage can compound into worst habits and chronic aches and pains. After a traumatic leg injury, Aaron helped me reverse that trend and get back on the right road. It’s difficult to understand how rough your ride is until you find that smooth road through life again.

Adam Craig

As a professional bike rider, I’m always looking for ways to balance my planar cycling motion.  Aaron has been an incredible resource for me to find the most healthy, strong and fluid movement in my body. With his amazing guidance, I’ve learned to walk taller and continually am finding ways to optimize my structure. It’s incredibly refreshing to leave an Align Method™ session after being around Aaron’s boundless energy and passion for movement


After thirty years as a multi-discipline instructor in the exercise industry I was shocked the day I ruptured my Achilles tendon and needed surgery to save my calf muscle. Aaron has impressed me with his knowledge of body function, complicated skeletal intricacies and kinesiology.  I knew I needed help to unravel the spaces in my body that were now gripped by bad habits from crutches, canes, casts, limping, cramping, painkillers, and muscle atrophy.


I went into my first session fairly ignorant as to what Rolfing is and what to expect. Aaron was able to relate to me the intricacies of our bodies in a way that I had never been aware of before. Through the sessions I unearthed a profound appreciation for my own body and its capabilities, and watched those capabilities expand; it’s been quite literally a life changing experience. Aaron clearly loves his work and it shows in his thorough and thoughtful approach to each unique body.


After a traumatic back injury, I had tried lots of forms of body work and therapy. Nothing brought my body back into balance better than Rolfing. Aaron was able to open up spaces in my body that had gotten stuck, where energy wasn’t flowing properly, and give it more options for movement. I found out that when my body has more options and when it’s more aligned, it moves more freely and healing happens naturally.


Aaron is phenomenal! He has an impressively extensive knowledge base in the field of Rolfing and the correlations between connective tissue, emotions and neuroplasticity of the brain. His skill, intuition and gifted touch helped to quickly alleviate a severe shoulder pain I was suffering from. Aaron is one of the best I have ever come across. When you receive sessions from him you are in “good hands”. Thank you, Aaron!


Aaron’s extensive background is apparent when working with him and makes him uniquely qualified to analyze and transform the body. After a traumatic experience, it wasn’t easy to trust someone with my body but Aaron’s expertise, care and great sense of humor made it possible for me to trust again. I’m not sure how you can put a value on that.

Max King

As a professional athlete, I have tried what seems to be endless approaches to achieve optimal performance. The Align Therapy approach is absolutely one of the most effective I have come across and has helped expand my perspective of my body in an amazing way! Aaron’s teachings are applicable to any person looking to get the most out of their body and mind.

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